Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Moving on from the Shop

As of the 1st of November, I have been layed off (temporarily) from the Shop. The Boss says she wants me back in the spring. I will have to see where my life is at that time. In the mean time, I keep getting as to fill in here and there. Also, I am knitting a cabled scarf for the shop...will finish today and be done with that!
Can't believe that the holidays are right, where did it go. I am ready for the cold...had my chimney swept and firewood I just need the thermostat to drop! It is November by the way!!!
I have sorted my stash of yarn and am blown away by the fact that I have soooo much!

I made a pair of slippers, only I felted them too much and now they are too small. I am going to wet them again and stretch them out.

I am working on the next pair...they will be more colorful.

Time to get busy. Later.

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