Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My my where does the time go???

It has been ages since I have posted and I have been using my time both wisely and unwisely...so it goes.

I am recuperating from arthriscopic knee surgery. I fell in November while in France and didn't take care of it and so it resulted in surgery. I am getting around really well. This whole process has not been too bad. Should be back out doing my walking thing again in another week.

I have been knitting on my shrug and have started and about to finish a lacy curtain for my laundry room. Same pattern as in "Mason Dixon" on page 43. My husband is convinced I will never finish it...as I have spent a good deal of time cursing the missed yarn overs, etc. But I am almost there.

My unwisely use of my time has been too much time wasted on the computer...playing dominoes and scrabulous!!! How ridiculous. I am going to start limiting my time for such frivolous stuff.

Our trip to New Zealand may very well be switched from September to July...won't that be a hoot. Less than 2 weeks away and I may be leaving for 3 weeks!!!

That's my update for now.