Friday, May 16, 2008

They do grow up...whether you like it or not

Yesterday was my youngest's birthday...she turned 24 and is a beautiful, happy young woman.
Now married and teaching in elementary school, she is out on her own.
But you just love to go back and remember all those 24 years. We laughed about them over dinner last night.
  • The many times she sat on the floor kicking and screaming because the seam in her socks weren't right and they hurt her feet.
  • The fact that every time we got in the car...somewhere in our travel time...she removed her shoes and socks. So upon our arrival we would be redressing her feet!
  • When she was grounded from the trampoline at 3 years of age, because she wouldn't stay on the blue mat.
  • On and on.
Just out of curiosity, I asked her to tell me one thing I did as a parent that she hopes not to repeat whenever that time comes. Her response was "no, why bring up things that can't be undone". So now I am left to ponder just how bad was I!!! I won't spend much time on that thought...because the living proof sat beside me...
- a beautiful, happy young woman.