Monday, November 19, 2007

Gotta watch out washin' those wools!

I just returned from a 10 day trip to France, Luxembourg, and Germany. I only took the pair of socks I was working on and have almost completed them. But much to my dismay, the pair I had finished and took to wear got thrown in the dryer. Yikes! They will now fit my 7 year old great-niece!
So I had better get busy and finish the new pair and be more careful with the washing.
Our travels were wonderful and now I am hunkering down for Thanksgiving this week. Looks like we will have somewhere between 18 to 20 people. So not much to blog for now.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

An obsession completed!

Oh my gosh!!! Yes this is the 1500 piece puzzle of yarn - it took me several months of working on it just every now and then...but it is done...!
I leave for France on Tuesday and all I could think of was getting this Gosh Darn puzzle put together and cleared away before I left. And I did it! The obsession came to conquer me and I was the conquerer!!
Yes, I leave for 11 days in France and I need to move on to the packing stage of our trip. As soon as I pack away the puzzle, I will be using this same table to lay out my clothes. So you see, there was a method to my madness.
I am also torn as to what to knit on the socks, which I will most likely finish or my red scarf. I need to finish the scarf and I have a really long way to go. I think I will make the decision last minute and go from there.
So off to packing!!!