Friday, April 18, 2008

It's spring...but where is the sun?

We are all about to scream from the chilly, windy, cloudy uck! It is suppose to be warm and sunny so all these spring flowers can bloom.
My boss ask me to knit a lace wrap around skirt for the shop and it just about did me in...the yarn overs were so tricky, the yarn kept slipping off the needles-which then would create a dropped stitch and in order to figure it out...I would take out 2 or 3 rows!!! It was 2 steps forward...3 back!
I was gritching so much about it...that as I got close go finishing husband brought me home a dozen roses!!! He too felt my pain. It is now finished and I am not looking back on that one.

So in order to calm my knitting fears...I decided to knit a baby sweater and hat for some friends of ours that just had a baby girl. It only took me two days and was such fun - wonderful yarn, fun pattern...all the ingredients of a fun knitting weekend. Aaaahhhhh!

Now I need to get back to my shrug. The weather is going to turn warm tomorrow, the purple martins are here and life is good. Thanks for letting me vent.