Thursday, January 17, 2008

He still topped it!

As a continuation of my birthday husband continued with the daily gifts. Where did I leave off...oh right, Monday, the gift was a squirrel baffle for my birdfeeder! He knows how much I cuss at the darn squirrels for eating my bird seed.

The next day, Day 15, I received 12 15 inch taper birthday candles! Not sure where I will use them...but they look great.

Finally, my birthday arrives and my husband is in New York. I turn on my computer and he has im'd me to sing happy birthday (barks included)!
He then asks if I will do him a favor - I said yes - he says go to the downstairs bathroom and you will find your last birthday present.

I walk in the bathroom and find these!!!
A dozen red roses in a beautiful vase!
He is such a romantic!

My birthday celebration has now come to an end...I know my husband is worn out...but it sure was fun.

You are all thinking...well what can she do to top that? We already have his birthday planned...he turns 60 this September and we are spending the month in New Zealand! I think that may be pretty "even Steven"! Or maybe not...oh well, there is always next year.

Monday, January 14, 2008

How does he do it???

My husband has a way with surprises...thus the build up to my birthday:

It all started on the 30th of December when I made the remark that I didn't get a 2008 calendar for Christmas and that I needed to go buy one. Well, we get home and he goes downstairs and brings up a package for me to open. There is my new calendar...wall style...for me to write down all birthdays.

The next day he has another gift...this time it is the one day at a time calendar that sits in my kitchen.

Next day it is an ice scraper-I couldn't find mine when the first ice storm hit this year.

Next day - a set of box cutters...I lose the main one we have all the time. I actually keep one in my car for recycling day.

Next day - a Fodor's book on New Zealand...we are going there for my husband's birthday in September.

The next day, a small bar of soap from Thailand - he was there in December for business.

Now let me interject something here...the gifts have all been wrapped and piled in the front room and I have picked which one I want to open . Each gifts comes with our 2 golden retrievers (Norm and Phoebe) sitting and speaking (barking) at each pause of the song! was a map of New Zealand...I didn't know there were 2 parts - North Island and South Island.

Let's see -what day am I on - the 6th - he gave me a leather coat. It did happen to be too big and I returned it and got another one...but it was a wonderful gift.

The 7th was the biggest shock of all...a trip to Quebec City to spend the night in the Ice Hotel!!! I have wanted to do this for over 20 years and I am finally getting the chance. We are going over Valentine's Day. What fun...can't wait.

The 8th gift was 2 cute little Calphalon appetizers pan...for cooking appetizers.

Ok...remember now...the dogs are now just coming and sitting in front of me...ready to sing! So funny.

The 9th gift-a digital hook it up to your computer and download the pictures and then do a slide show on the is great.

The 10th gift - 6 beautiful glass votives to burn candles.

The 11th...yes, I am getting to the birthday is the 16th...a crock that holds utensils in the kitchen.

The 12th gift was a BRAND new computer...I have never had a new computer...I always get his hand me downs!!! It is a beautiful Dell Inspiron 1520. Big , bright is great.

And finally - up to now...the last gift was a glass cake plate with cover.

It is now Monday, the 14th and so far...not a gift...but there are still some in the pile...I'll keep you posted. Better go, Norm and Phoebe are warming up....