Thursday, January 17, 2008

He still topped it!

As a continuation of my birthday husband continued with the daily gifts. Where did I leave off...oh right, Monday, the gift was a squirrel baffle for my birdfeeder! He knows how much I cuss at the darn squirrels for eating my bird seed.

The next day, Day 15, I received 12 15 inch taper birthday candles! Not sure where I will use them...but they look great.

Finally, my birthday arrives and my husband is in New York. I turn on my computer and he has im'd me to sing happy birthday (barks included)!
He then asks if I will do him a favor - I said yes - he says go to the downstairs bathroom and you will find your last birthday present.

I walk in the bathroom and find these!!!
A dozen red roses in a beautiful vase!
He is such a romantic!

My birthday celebration has now come to an end...I know my husband is worn out...but it sure was fun.

You are all thinking...well what can she do to top that? We already have his birthday planned...he turns 60 this September and we are spending the month in New Zealand! I think that may be pretty "even Steven"! Or maybe not...oh well, there is always next year.

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Cecile said...

That is wonderful. You're a lucky lady. I found you on Ravelry. I'm finding so many people with whom I have something in common. You--we are close to the same age, both have wonderful husbands, but mine doesn't do birthdays as well as yours, both have 2 grown kids and both have traveled around the world.

Did I get any of that wrong. I've read several profiles this morning.

Just wanted to leave a comment on your blog. No one ever comments on mine and I like comments. Hope you do too.