Friday, February 01, 2008

Somebody's gotta do it!

Oh my goodness...I decided to clean out and organize my "bonus"* room yesterday.
Yes, that mostly means my yarn stash and projects. I had
-baskets of finished projects:
2 sweaters and a vest,
-sacks of in the process projects:
a scarf and a washcloth
-bags full of projects to be started
-bags of works in progress:
a shrug and 2 sweaters
-bunches of yarn that I have no idea why I bought...but there must be a reason.

So I bite the bullet on the scarf and washcloth and took them off the needles...I was never going back to them...never. I will do washcloth again...just not the one I had started.
I packed up 2 of the sweaters I had finished and put them in the "give away" pile. I thought about unwinding them...but decided that I was not going to do anything with that yarn...I was sick of it from when I knitted them. Both sweaters are like wearing a shape, no form...ugh!
I did decide to undo the vest and start over with it eventually...I like the pattern, I love the yarn and I will make it bigger next time.
I took the project I have in the works (or waiting to be started) and hung them in my closets in individual bags...gets them up off the floor and organized.

I then started on my yarn...I emptied another drawer so that I now have 3 drawers of yarn. I started out organizing by brand...and almost filled one drawer with Noro...I must have a thing for Noro. I whole drawer is nothing but left over yarn!!! Yarn that I had too much of when I finished whatever it was I was working on.
Can you believe it...this entire drawer is full of incomplete skeins.

The 3rd drawer is my other yarns...oh my...I really never need to buy any more yarn for about 5 years!!

The organization is not complete yet...that is my goal well as taking some time to actually knit.

*Bonus extra room in your house where you can stash all of your stuff and no one cares what it looks like...I have my knitting supplies, my ironing board, a jigsaw puzzle going, my books and a reading chair, my desk and a Mac computer.

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Tutu said...

Good job. I bet you feel better now but I also know you will buy more yarn before 5 years. Aren't there some shops we haven't been to yet. Then there's Rhineback . . .