Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aw - August!!!

The emotions of August:
2nd - Pride that makes your heart want to burst!
My son graduated with his PhD in Chemistry Education from Purdue!

4th - Exhaustion and weariness:
Driving 11 1/2 hours from Indiana to Atlanta in a 22 foot moving truck and moving my son to Atlanta where he will start his post-doc at Georgia Tech!

5th - Relief:
Flying home for a day of recuperation after a day of unpacking boxes.

7th - Excitement:
Flying to Chicago to crew the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk.

8th - Exhaustion and enjoyment:
Working the walk in a Pit Stop where the walkers come for food, drink and potties. It is really hard work but such a thrill to be there for them and their weary bodies.

10th - Laughter and tears:
Being at the closing ceremonies for the walkers and survivors of breast cancer. It is so touching and heart warming and happy all at the same time.

11th - Worn out!
I don't know when I have felt so tired...2 weekends of solid, hard work. My bones feel weary.

13th - Back to normal...if there really is one!
Whew...I pulled through the last two days a bit slowly...but after a couple of nights of good sleep...I feel like myself again.

Now I have 2 weeks of doing my usual and then on September 1st, we leave for New Zealand!
What a way to end the summer.

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