Sunday, August 09, 2009

Where does the time go???

It is now August...not sure where June and July went!! Lots of things going on.
My husband and I bought our daughter and her husband's home in Waldo and they moved to Olathe. So my sister and I spent a month cleaning, painting and preparing this little house to be sold. It needed some TLC and looks really cute now. This picture was taken a while back. So that took a lot care of July.

Our sad news it that we found out our other golden retriever, Phoebe, has lymphoma and they say she probably has a 2 to 3 months left with us. We have her on medication to put it in remission and we will see. She seems good, but I know she doesn't feel like her old self. It is hard for us to get our brains around. She is 7 and should have had a lot of years ahead.
So now we are in the midst of August and it is getting hot...finally. It has been a strangely cool summer. Kids start back to school next week in our district and that officially ends the summer in my mind.
We are thinking about selling our home and downsizing. It is a huge stretch for us...but something that we want to do eventually. We have been here for 25 years and it will be hard to leave...but we will be ready.

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