Friday, April 03, 2009

Where did the 3 months go?

I can't believe I have not posted for almost 3 months! The loss of Norm has hit me much harder than I would have ever expected. I found out how lonely it was not having him by my side all the time.
In the mean time Paul and I have celebrated our 30th anniversary and we did it in style. I surprised him and flew him to Chicago for 2 nights where we went to a play, ate fabulous food and just enjoyed ourselves. It was such fun planning everything without him knowing about it and he was amazed I planned it all.
We are toying with the idea of selling our home and downsizing to a condo. Now that we are down to one dog, we are able to start the wheels rolling on the process. It is a bit overwhelming, and a lot of things that have to fall in to place to make it happen.
So it could be a crazy summer for us.... Hard to say.

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