Saturday, July 12, 2008

Much better now.

It has been 4 weeks and my knee is doing really good. I finished my physical therapy yesterday and now that is behind me.

My knitting has slowed a bit...just that time of year...I spend more time outdoors fussing with things. As the weather gets hotter though, I come back inside. I am really hoping to get my laundry room curtain finished today. My husband is convinced that is never going to happen since I have been working on it for some time...but I am determined.

Our neighbor and friend put her 15 1/2 year old dog to sleep last weekend and it was very hard for her. "Lady" had a casket and was buried under a big tree in the yard. There was a rememberance gathering and it was really touching. She was sick for so was time but never easy to say good-bye to an old friend.

As I sit writing this, I look out my back window and see my old friend "Joey". He is a young deer that comes each day to eat the apples that have fallen from my neighbors tree. He is quite brave, comes down the hill and looks at us like we are in the wrong place, not him. He is always alone, stays for a bit and then moves on.

Ah life in the early morning!

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