Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ok...since my blog name is n2knittingks and I haven't managed to write a word about knitting...I should most likely do just that. My nephew-in-law, if there is such a thing, (married to my niece) had a birthday yesterday. I had not really thought about his gift. But on Monday of this week I decided to knit him a scarf as he is working in Philadelphia at the time and it can get cold there in the winter. So I got busy and knitted a scarf for him and finished it in 3 days. It turned out really nice, dark gray, dark green and light gray striped length way. I put a note in it to say "In Kansas in July, this gift may seem silly, but we understand winters in Philly can be chilly!" Oh the poet in me lives on!

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Tutu said...

Glad I found you again. You need to start showing us what you are knitting. Let's set up a photo account for you and I will show you how to post pics.